Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Sweet Life at Bread Co.

I’ve written most of my last couple of books at Panera/St. Louis Bread Co./Atlanta Bread Co....whichever. Pick a name. I’d complain about the fact that the place has too many names, but I’m just too tickled with the free wifi and the way good sandwiches. And the coffee. Oh baby, the coffee. I think I can usually finish one full chapter per strong cup. It’s strong enough coffee that the chapters are all one sentence and they don’t have any punctuation, but still.

Anyway, I do a lot of writing there. This week I walked in, sniffed, and said to myself, “Mmm, smells like a book deadline in here.” I shared that with a writer friend and he said he figured I must go to a different Panera than he does. He said the one he goes to smells like procrastination. Yeah, been there, smelled that.

It’s easy to get pulled in to that smell of procrastination. Why do today what you can put off until someone bugs you about it?

But when it comes to spiritual disciplines, those we just don’t want to put off. Can’t put off obedience. Delayed obedience is really just plain ol’ disobedience. And that leads to a purposeless, fruitless, lackluster life. No amount of even the strongest coffee can perk it up.

So I’m shooting for staying tuned in to God’s word and following Christ wholeheartedly. Anybody smell that? Smells like the sweet life.

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