Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Look What’s Popping Up

Weird things keep popping up out of my toaster. A banana split? Didn’t see that coming. But did you know that Pop-tarts now come in flavors like “Chocolate Banana Split”? No kidding. Even “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.” My teens love them but my adult taste buds haven’t been any too impressed.

The real question is: Is there really any way to make a cookie-covered toaster-breakfast taste like a chocolate banana split? Personally, I’d rather have the chocolate banana split for breakfast instead. Why not go with the real thing?

Surprising things are always going to be popping up in our lives. The real question this time is: How will we respond? In grace with faith? Or in grousing, pouting and foot-stomping?

When the heat is on, I want to pop up by faith in his grace. In the faithiest, graciest, tastiest way. Our Heavenly Father gives us everything we need to respond well by his Holy Spirit. As a matter of fact, if we’ll allow him to, he’ll respond for us. And through us.

There’s no substitute. No self-help program or book. No amount of self-discipline. Only through the Real Thing—the Holy Spirit of God—can we respond well when our feet are put to the fire.

Try it any other way and we’re totally toast.

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