Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Surprise Center

We had those little pigs in a blanket things a couple of nights ago. Don't you just love the sausage surprise in the center? What is it that makes those Little Smokies so good? Lard, right? And it’s amazing to me how you find them at every Christmas party—smothered, wrapped and slathered with every tasty thing you can think of. Get ready, people. We’re heading into the heavy-duty Little Smokie season.

The bad thing is that I don’t realize I’ve had too many until…well…I’ve had too many. I finally figure it out when I can’t get my jeans zipped. Then there’s weeping and wailing and trashing of jeans. So many Smokies. So little wiggle in the jeans.

Okay, maybe the blue jean wiggle room is inching away, but I really don’t want to let the season inch away without making sure Jesus is at the center of every holiday prep, present and party. I want to be all about preparing HIM room. Not the kind of room that can be measured in inches. All the room. Every part--allowing him to occupy every spot in every corner of my mind and soul.

So, we're kicking of the holiday season here by centering on Jesus. No surprise, Christ should be the at the very center of our Christmas--the very heart.

…And not on purpose, but maybe also kicking off the holiday season by trying to learn how to zip these jeans without my eyeballs bulging out of my head.

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